• Ascension Thursday
    Sr. Melissa and her Second Graders prepared a wonderful service for this feast day. How great it was to see many of their faces and to hear them read. We thank not only Sr. Melissa, but also Sr. Anita and Mrs. Strowe for their support. We want to thank the parents, too, for getting their children set up for the Zoom service.

    Feast of the Ascension

    May Crowning Virtual Ceremony
    On Wednesday, May 20, many of our Sixth Graders and staff joined together for a special prayer service in the Catholic tradition that honors Mary, the mother of Jesus. For the first time in Nazareth's history, the annual May Crowning was held virtually instead of at school. We applaud our students, Mrs. Olmo, Sister Damian, and Sister Margaret for creatively leading this beautiful and meaningful service and for sharing it with us. The tradition continues, just in a new way!

    May Crowning

    May 6, 2020, Nazareth Elementary Virtual Art Show:
    Mrs. Killackey-Jones produced a Virtual Art Show for parents and family members since we weren't able to have an “in person” art show this year. She photographed students’ work from the first half of the year and compiled a slide show of all the fantastic art they completed.

    Virtual Art Show

    April 3, 2020, Nazareth Elementary Virtual Assembly:

    Nazareth Staff

    Our Second Graders singing a song of thanks before eating:

    2nd Graders Blessing Food

    Our all-school Pep Rally held on the last day of Catholic Schools Week. Students made banners, flags, and pennants, and each class created and led a cheer about what makes Nazareth great!

    Pep Rally

    Our Fourth Graders performing the traditional Israeli dance "Artsa Alinu."

    Grade 4 Dancers

    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Christmas Video

    Our Second Graders doing a changing partner mirror dance:

    Grade 2 Partner Mirror Dance

    Our Pre-K 3 students enjoying music class!

    PK3 Music Class