Welcome to First Grade!  I am so happy to have your child in our classroom community this year!

    For September we will be working on procedures, routines, schedules and appropriate behavior for the classroom.  We will learn to work cooperatively in groups as well as learn to work independently.  This month will be filled with a review of kindergarten skills.  We will focus on letters, sounds, number recognition, and basic addition.  I will also be doing benchmark evaluations to help me place your child in the appropriate reading group.  Remember, it's not how fast a student learns but rather that the student continues to show stable growth in all academic areas. 

    We will be learning about the life cycle of apples this month in Science.  In Social Studies we will learn about families and neighborhoods.  In Religion, we will celebrate the Blessed Mother's Birthday (Sept. 8) and we will focus on the bible.

    We will also be learning the new routines and rules for specials classes, lunch and playground.