• Bananas for Second Grade!

    Second grade is a literacy focused grade where we switch from learning to read to practicing our reading. Eventually we will learn to read for information.

    Each month we focus on a different genre of literature
    and will complete monthly reading contracts. 
    We will read:
    ♦ Historical Fiction
    ♦ Realistic Fiction
    ♦ Humor
    ♦ Non-Fiction
    ♦ Biographies
    ♦ Poetry
    ♦ Holidays
     ♦ Fantasy

    We also do many different kinds of writing in order to
    help us become better writers! 
    We will learn:
    ♦ Sentences have SWAG!
    ♦ Narrative Writing
    ♦ Friendly Letters
    ♦ Poetry
    ♦ Paragraph Writing
    ♦ Opinion Writing
    ♦ Creative Writing