Grades 1-6

  • The education your student receives in elementary school will provide the foundation for all future learning.

    Nazareth students develop a love of learning in a caring and nurturing environment where diversity is celebrated and individuality is encouraged. A rich curriculum in the arts, sciences, technology, math, reading, religion, social studies, and physical education provides a solid foundation for future academic success.

    Beyond academics, Nazareth students develop and share their individual gifts as they learn to make choices based on Christian values: cooperation, kindness, and compassion. True to the mission of Catholic education, students at Nazareth learn to build community, to be of service to others, and to worship together.

    Nazareth Elementary is equipped with state-of-the-art media and technology labs, an art studio, and SMART Boards in every classroom. Students also have the use of Chromebooks for small group learning.

    Our facility provides unparalleled learning opportunities for our students, and we help prepare them for success in junior high and beyond.


    The best of the Common Core Standards are integrated into our curriculum. We have a challenging curriculum that motivates, encourages, and excites students about learning. There are common curricular expectations and goals across the grades. We continually assess student growth using our own internal assessments and benchmarks. (We do not administer the NYS assessments.)

    • Core Subjects: Religion, ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Social Studies, Science
    • Special Area Subjects: Physical Education, Chorus*, Music, Art, Library, Technology

    Enrichment to the Curriculum:

    • Extended Care is offered on-site after school
    • After-school clubs such as American Sign Language Club, Basketball Skills Club, Children's Choir, Dulcimer Club, and Science Club* 
    • Creative Dance Movement – Preschool through Grade 6
    • Instrumental Lessons*
    • Weekly banking opportunity through the St. Pius X Federal Credit Union*

    Academic Support – Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are provided for students needing extra support in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

    Tutoring – Several teachers offer free tutoring after school all year long*.

    First Grade Classroom  Our Sixth Graders

    We value interdisciplinary opportunities at Nazareth. Here's a video of our Fifth Graders playing Calypso, reggae, and steel drum music on percussion instruments they created as part of their unit on Caribbean culture:
    Fifth Graders Playing Caribbean Music

    *currently not available because of COVID-19