Digital Art Gallery

  • The digital art gallery is a small representation of student artwork completed in Art class. Each lesson is introduced based on a "Big Idea," which is an overarching concept relevant to all. For example: Transformation, Time, Place, Friendship, Values, Identity, etc. Students are given guidelines and asked to produce artworks that are personally meaningful and immediately relevant, by relating the Big Idea to their own experience.

    In this gallery, you will find at least one artwork completed by every student in a variety of media – sculpture, painting, papier-mâché, book arts, fiber arts, and more! Each artwork is not only unique, but displays creativity and talent from all students here at Nazareth. We enjoy watching students learn and grow in the art room, and Nazareth families love to see the finished product! Enjoy!

    1st/2nd Grade
    3rd/4th Grade
    5th/6th Grade