• The Nazareth Instrumental Music Program is an elective open to students in Grades 4–6.

    At the beginning of the school year, students can choose one of the following instruments to study:

    • Baritone
    • Clarinet
    • Flute
    • French Horn
    • Percussion
    • Piano
    • Saxophone
    • Trombone
    • Trumpet

    Each student receives a 30-minute lesson once a week, alone or in a group of up to three students. All students in the program also participate in Band, except for piano students. Piano students prepare for their concert performance during their lessons. The Band performs during the annual Christmas and Spring concerts.

    Experienced players begin Band rehearsals once a week, usually starting a few weeks after their lessons begin.

    Beginners can start playing in Band once they have developed some basic skills (such as holding their instrument properly, getting a clear sound for a variety of notes, and reading simple written music independently). Most beginners will be ready in January.