Coronavirus Communications Archive

  • Memos and Updates to Parents and Guardians from Sister Margaret:

    • August 25, 2020:
    • August 17, 2020 Reopening Q&A
      Summary of answers to questions asked by parents and guardians.
    • August 14, 2020 Memo
      School opening update, staffing changes, school uniforms.
    • August 5, 2020 Memo
      School Planning for September: Reopening Plans, Cleaning and Preparing the School, Enrollment, Grade and Staff Changes, Uniforms
    • July 31, 2020 Reopening Plan
      Our School Reopening Plan was submitted to the NYSED and the NYSDOH on Friday, July 31. We are now waiting for approval and Governor Cuomo's decision for all schools. This Plan is a living, fluid document that will change as we work on more details and as we receive further information from state and local authorities.
    • July 29, 2020 Memo
      Reopening update.
    • July 20, 2020 Memo
      Update on school planning for reopening.
    • July 13, 2020 Memo
      Planning for school reopening in September.
    • July 1, 2020 Memo
      Report cards, summer learning, enrollment, summer meals, farewell to Sixth Grade and several staff members, gratitude for Nazareth faculty and staff, and our School Advisory Committee.
    • June 15, 2020 Memo
      Sixth Grade recognition, progress reports, parking lot drop-off and pick-up days, Core Committee for Reopening Nazareth, prayers.
    • June 8, 2020 Memo
      Progress reports, staff changes, updates, looking ahead, and 75th Jubilee for Sr. Cora Marie.
    • June 1, 2020 Memo
      A message from Sister Margaret about striving for an end to racism and violence by working toward peace, healing, and reconciliation. RCSD resources for emotional support.
    • May 26,2020 Memo
      Instruction and learning, prayer services, calendar change, reopening.
    • May 18, 2020 Memo
      May newsletter, prayer/pledge leaders, marketing videos, recruitment, re-registration, teacher appreciation video, Grade 6 recognition, and Memorial Day Weekend.
    • May 12, 2020 Memo
      May newsletter, 2020–2021 registration, 2019–2020 yearbook, thoughts and reminders, and resources and support.
    • May 4, 2020 FAQ Update
      The Governor has announced the closure of schools in NY State remains in effect through the end of the school year.
    • May 3, 2020 Memo
      Checking in, teaching and learning, teacher and nurse appreciation, school closure, planning ahead, 2020–2021 school year, and great news about Bentley!
    • April 21, 2020 Memo
      Words to ponder from Pope Francis, checking in, still on PAUSE, teaching and learning, expectations from teachers, financial questions, marketing, and information updates.
    • April 13, 2020 Memo
      Alleluia! Alleluia! Jesus Christ has risen! A blessed Easter Season to all!
    • March 31, 2020 Memo
      Important updates about ongoing distance learning, April schedule, and family resources.
    • March 21, 2020 Memo
      Helpful tips for keeping your children engaged with daily learning while they are home. 
    • March 19, 2020 Update
      We are complying with the directives of Gov. Cuomo and the Dept. of Health, and no one will be working on site at Nazareth Elementary for at least the next two weeks. We will continue to send parents and guardians email updates during this time. Please check your child's teacher's web page (under Teacher Sections) for their daily assignments and instructions for completion.
    • March 17, 2020 Memo
      By tomorrow you will be able to access your child's daily assignments under Teacher Sections. Don't forget to check the Specials teachers's pages, too: Art, Music, Library, and PE.
    • March 16, 2020 Memo
      School will go on and we will do our very best for continuity of learning. Teachers will be working every day for each child, but just in new ways for awhile. 
    • March 14, 2020 Memo
      All Monroe County schools will close beginning Monday, March 16. Nazareth families need to check their emails regularly for updates about Nazareth Elementary School schedules or programs.
    • March 12, 2020 Memo
      We will keep you informed about the evolving situation.