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Faculty Focus on Mrs. Strowe!

Our “Faculty Focus” series hones in this time on Mrs. Sue Strowe, our Academic Intervention Services teacher for grades K-2.
1) How did you find your way to Nazareth Elementary and what keeps you here? "I was teaching at St. Monica's when it closed. A friend suggested I apply to Nazareth, and I was hired for a preschool teaching position. What keeps me here? First of all, that I can share my faith. I enjoy the caring atmosphere between the staff members."
2) It looks like Spring has FINALLY sprung! What do you enjoy doing outdoors when the weather is nice? "Spring!!!! I enjoy gardening, especially vegetables (we plant way too many tomatoes in our front garden-the neighborhood comes by to help eat them)! I enjoy walking in the nice weather."
3) You provide academic support for students here at Nazareth. Is there a particular motto you find yourself repeating when students need extra encouragement? "Philippians 4:13, which is 'For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.' And also 'Learn, you will.' (Yoda)"
4) Not everyone knows that you are a very active volunteer in both church and community. What drew you to your work in Africa? "I first went to Mozambique, South Eastern Africa on a vision trip for our youth ministry. I have returned the remainder of my trips to renew friendships formed and to generate support for the ministries there. I will be GLAD to talk to you about those!!!"
5) I always ask a food question because food is something we can all agree is equally a necessity and a pleasure (most of the time!) What's the most interesting food you've tried while in Africa? "The most interesting food I tried there was a traditional drink served at celebrations. It was quite thick, and, well, interesting! I finished it because it would be disrespectful not to, but it was tough. I did not eat mice, which are sold in the market. Chicken on a stick was great!"