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Introducing Our "Celebrate Sixth" Series

We are starting a new series this year called "Celebrate Sixth!" which highlights our Sixth Graders before they move on to the next chapter in their lives. We are so grateful to their families for allowing us to travel with them on their journey through elementary school and we wish them all the best next year! We will feature two students at a time, beginning with Amiyah Crawford and Micah Anderson.

1) What have you loved about Nazareth?

Amiyah: My first experience here was in Kindergarten and everyone was so welcoming and loving. I've made so many friends. I'm going to miss them when I move on!

Micah: When I came here in second grade, it was the first time I learned about Jesus and religion. It's a good school: it's fun and I like the teachers.

2) Where are you going to school next year? Are you excited? Nervous?

Micah: Aquinas. Both nervous and excited. It's a big change; making new friends and having to change classes quickly.

Amiyah: Also Aquinas. I'm both nervous and excited. I look forward to learning new things, but I have a bad memory and am nervous about finding my classes and also fitting in.

3) What are your hopes/goals/dreams for the future?

Micah: I'm excited for college. I hope to be playing college basketball and I'd like to study science or medicine.

Amiyah: Maybe an attorney or a dancer. People tell me I'm good at analyzing cases (like on crime shows) but I also love dance - it's my passion!