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Sixth Graders Create Renaissance Faire at School

Our sixth graders have been studying the Renaissance in Social Studies and capped off the lessons with a Coronation Procession (the whole school was able to join in!) and Feast. During their studies, students learned about the culture and language of the Renaissance, the strict class system one was born into such as artisan or merchant, the food, clothing styles, and the importance of the Church. As they discovered at the Coronation Feast, the King and Queen eat first, have the best food and seats, and it gets worse the lower you are in society. The peasants were served nothing but gruel and knelt on the floor without seats! Well done students and Mrs. Gutknecht!


Carrying the crowns    King and Queen at their meal    Ladies in waiting    Lady in waiting and artisan    Knight    A peasant with gruel    Beginning procession around school