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Celebrate Sixth Series Continues – Meet Liana and Nia!

Today our "Celebrate Sixth" series focuses on Liana Menoyo and Nia Hill. We wish them both the best of luck. They will be missed!

  1. What do you love about Nazareth and/or what will you miss?

    Liana: "One thing I might miss is friends from here going to another school."

    Nia: "One thing I will miss is the good support system from the teachers."

  2. Where are you going to school next year? Nervous/Excited?

    Liana: "Aquinas. I feel a little nervous about how people might think of me because I'm new. I'm excited because there's one friend from an old school of mine that is there now."

    : "Aquinas. A little nervous about new students. I'm excited about sports like track and field."

  3. What are your hopes/dream/goals for the future?

    Liana: "I want to try to get into college."

    : "I want to study genetics. Sometimes in my spare time I look up information on chromosomes."