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Celebrate Sixth Spotlights Ruqayya, Lyrique, and Siara!

"Celebrate Sixth" shines a light on three students today: Ruqayya Reed, Lyrique Hines, and Siara Menoyo. We will miss them all and wish them the best next year and beyond!

  1. What do you love about Nazareth and what will you miss?

    : I'll miss the children, especially Cherish.

    Lyrique: I'll miss Ms. Deutsch and Ms. Plyem.

    Siara: I'll miss the teachers.

  2. Where are you going to school next year? Nervous/excited?

    Ruqayya: Aquinas. I'm "nervi-cited" because it's a whole new platform of kids who are more (or less) mature. I'm excited because it's middle school!

    Lyrique: Bear Creek Middle School in Atlanta, GA.

    Siara: Aquinas. Both excited and nervous because there's a lot of people and I don't talk to people well because I get nervous. I'm excited because I will meet new people with similar interests.

  3. What are your hopes/goals/dreams for the future?

    : I want to get a high GPA.

    : I want to be a psychologist. I also want to live in a pineapple under the sea. (Nice Sponge Bob reference, Lyrique.)

    : My goal is to get good grades by the end of 6th grade.