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Celebrate Sixth Series Shines on Sophia and Rolando

The next installment in our "Celebrate Sixth" series shines on Sophia Pham and Rolando Santiago. We wish them continued success and happiness!

  1. What do you love about Nazareth and what will you miss?

    Sophia: I will miss the faculty and staff, and my friends since we have a history together. I've loved the classes and activities we do.

    Rolando: My friends and the teachers.

  2. Where are you going next year? Nervous/excited?

    Sophia: Aquinas. I'm both nervous and scared but excited. I'm excited to have new friends but still some old. I'm nervous because I haven't been to a new school in seven years!

    Rolando: McQuaid. I'm excited because one of my friends from basketball is going there. We may even play basketball together.

  3. What are your hopes/goals/dreams for the future?

    Sophia: I want to be even more passionate about the arts and theater. I want to do my best and ignore negative opinions that others might have about me. I hope to go to an art school for college.

    Rolando: My first goal is to do my best in school and to make my family happy and to do really well in basketball.