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Saluting Our Sixth Graders: Class of 2022!

Every day we will feature one of our Sixth Graders in our "Celebrate Sixth" series. We wish each of our students the very best out in the world beyond Nazareth! We know they will do amazing things, and we will miss them!
Click each student's photo to find out how long they've been at Nazareth, the school they'll attend next year, their favorite subject(s), what Nazareth has done for them, and why Nazareth is a great school to attend.
Today we are celebrating Ava W.!
Violet B. Dallas C Nellie G Aniyah H Thaily K
Petra L Antonio M Rosa M Travaris M Tenniyah M Avalis P-C Chloe S. Brooklyn S. Niylah-Nicole W. Ava W.