• I wrote the following note at the beginning of last year (2020 - 2021) and the same holds true for this year! I look forward to sharing the upcoming year with your child, you, and your family! God bless!
    Hello one and all and welcome to Nazareth Elementary Kindergarten!
    I am so excited to start this year at Naz with you and your child! Kindergarten is an exciting time in a child's (and parent's) life!! I just love this age level! I am sure you are excited, nervous, happy, anxious, and inquisitive – all of the above and more! Let me first reassure you that I have felt and continue to feel many of these things as well. However, I must share with you how thoroughly impressed I am with how detail-oriented Sr. Margaret has been and continues to be, along with how much she is taking into consideration the well-being of ALL involved in the process of reopening our doors. We are so blessed to have her leading us. Please know we think about and pray for you, your child, your family and all Nazareth families on a daily basis.
    I will be sending an email about an app (that some of you may already be familiar with), Class Dojo, that I have found to be a wonderful form of communication between families and me. You will be receiving an email inviting you to join. Please be on the lookout!
    This is the first email I am sending to the class families. I am hoping I got your email addresses correct! I won't include too much information in this one while I wait to see what might get kicked back to me, changed, added, etc. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my excitement with you! If you have any questions for me, please email me. I'd love to hear from you! I check email daily during the week and promise to respond in a timely manner.
    I can't wait to see all of you soon! Keep enjoying summer! Know you are in my prayers daily.😊
    Kelly Gotham
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Nazareth Elementary
    311 Flower City Park
    Rochester, NY 14615
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