• Refer a Family Incentive Program
    You can earn $300 credit toward your family's Nazareth Elementary School education by referring a family to Nazareth Elementary!

    What is the Refer a Family Incentive Program?
    The Refer a Family Incentive Program has been established to increase enrollment in Nazareth Elementary School through the most effective and simple recruitment tool there is: parent-to-parent conversation.

    How does the Refer a Family Incentive Program work?
    A current family convincingly shares the good news of Nazareth Elementary School with another family not already registered at Nazareth Elementary School. They invite the family to visit Nazareth and see for themselves.

    If a new family registers a student for the new school year and the student stays at school through the end of the first semester, the referring family receives a $300 credit on their January tuition and their re-registration fee will be waived in the spring. If the current family recruits more than one new family, then $300 will be deducted from their February tuition payment, and so on.

    What are the restrictions?

    • Only one family may receive credit for the new family registered.
    • The Refer a Family Incentive Form must be submitted to Nazareth Elementary School for authorization.
    • The Refer a Family Incentive Program applies to Grades PK–6.

    How does one apply?
    Complete the Refer a Family Incentive Form and return it to the Business Office.

    Please accept our thanks for your support of Nazareth Elementary School and for telling our story. We are counting on you to help Nazareth grow! May God continue to bless you abundantly!