• Transcripts
    To obtain a Nazareth Academy or St. Agnes High School transcript, please send a completed Transcript Request Form (see link below) and a check or money order for $5.00 to:
         Nazareth Elementary
         311 Flower City Pk

         Rochester, NY 14615

    If you prefer, you may mail payment separately and send an email to Sister Margaret at mmancuso@nazarethschools.org. Attach a completed Transcript Request Form or include the following details in email.

    • Date
    • Name
    • Maiden Name (if different)
    • Birth Date
    • Contact #
    • School Attended – Nazareth Academy or St. Agnes
    • Date of Graduation
    • # of transcripts requested ($5.00 each)
    • Address where the transcript is to be sent after payment is received

    We must have a written request including the information above before processing transcript requests. Please call 585.458.3786 with questions.

    Please note:

    • Transcripts will be mailed directly to a college, etc., stamped "Official," and placed in a sealed envelope.
    • Transcripts mailed directly to you are stamped "Unofficial." (Colleges, etc., will not accept these.)

    Proof of Graduation
    If you need proof of graduation only, please fax your request to 585.647.8717. Include your name (and maiden name if different), school attended, year of graduation, and email or mailing address to send proof of graduation.

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