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    This year we are offering two ways to participate in the 100 Mile Club:

    1. After School Club (Grades 1–6)
      1. Limit of 25 Students – Once this limit is reached, students will be placed on a waiting list and added for individual tracking.
      2. Tuesdays from 3–4 p.m. except the first Tuesday of every month (faculty meetings).
      3. Starts Tuesday, October 15.
      4. $10 fee per student for incentives.
      5. Students should have a healthy snack and water bottle with them each week.
      6. A tracking sheet is provided for students to record mileage.
      7. Nutrition will be discussed.
    2. Individual Trackers (All Grades and Adults)
      1. Participants will track their mileage independently.
      2. $10 fee per participant for incentives.
      3. A tracking sheet is provided for participants to record mileage.

    The $10 fee includes the following incentives:

    • Official 100 Mile Club® Challenge Accepted ID Card
    • A unique 100 Mile Club® T-shirt earned at 25 miles
    • Golden Pencil earned at 50 miles
    • Wristband earned at 75 miles
    • Final Year-End Certificate for all participants celebrating their success
    • Custom 100 Mile Club® Gold Medal with neckband, ONLY for those who reach their 100 mile goal (ordered in Spring for year-end Medal Ceremony)

      100 Mile Club Incentives

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