• Nazareth Elementary Wellness Policy

    Nazareth Elementary is committed to educating and supporting students as they develop healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime. We provide an environment where students learn to make good choices in eating healthy foods and participating in physical activities that promote wellness.

    Our school community, including the principal, teachers, school staff, food service personnel, and parents, are committed to helping each child grow not just academically but physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Providing education about good nutrition in a daily diet and the importance of regular exercise through health, science, and PE classes are ways this is done.

    Some programs and policies that enhance and support our wellness goals:

    Nutritional Focus

    • Classroom programs focus on nutrition education – e.g., learning about healthy foods, understanding how to read food labels, choosing healthy foods and beverages.
    • Parents are required to send in healthy classroom snacks.
    • Birthday party treats must be a healthy snack or a nonfood item.
    • No vending machines are in the building.
    • All school meals must follow the NSBP, NSLP, and After-School Snack program regulations.

    Physical Activity

    • One Hundred Mile Club*: Students gather after school to stretch, walk, and run. They record their progress throughout the year.
    • Movement and Dance Class: Students partake in these classes weekly during the school day in addition to their PE classes.
    • Basketball and Volleyball Skills Clubs** are offered in six-week after-school sessions for children in the early childhood and primary grades.

    Nazareth Elementary School continues to review and revise its Wellness Policy in order to help each child grow in body, mind, and spirit.

     *This year we are doing an at-home program only because of COVID.
    **Not available this year because of COVID.