• Re-Registration Fee

    • A gift of $150 pays the Re-Registration Fee for a student/family returning to Nazareth Elementary.
    • Some parents have been unable to pay this fee because of financial struggles caused by the COVID-19 shutdown, and they have not yet re-registered their students for the fall.
    • Covering this fee and allowing a parent to complete the re-registration process would ease their mind.
    • It is necessary to know enrollment in order to plan staffing, order books, and more.

    Girls on Stairs

    One Month Tuition

    • A gift of $590 provides tuition for one month of education at Nazareth Elementary.
    Grade 2 Constellation Project

    After-School Enrichment Programs

    • A gift of $30 provides one hour of after-school club activities.
    100 Mile Club Finishers

    Instrumental Lessons

    • A gift of $50 provides five hours of instrumental lessons for a student.
    Spring Concert 2018 Flutes

    Healthy Snacks for Pre-K and Extended Care

    • A gift of $125 provides one week of snacks for our Pre-K and Extended Care Programs.
    Snack time!