• Our school and students thrive through the generosity of others. We are grateful for the continued kindness of our donors, supporters, and our community!  

      1. Our teachers and staff have requested items to help their respective classrooms and/or student interactions for greater success. Please visit our Amazon Wish List to have items delivered directly to our school's main office. https://a.co/gcl8HM6.

      2. Ongoing request/need: copy paper (any brand, white, 8.5x11)

      3. Kindergarten request: (3) new tables for the classroom.
        Teacher note: "Our current tables are old and not functional; the tables are a hexagon design. The chairs don't fit under with ease nor do papers or books on top. Rails were glued on top of the tables in 2020 to add plexiglass for student safety during COVID. The plexiglass has been removed, but the remaining rails make the tables difficult for our students to use effectively." 

        We would like to replace the current tables with (3) 30" x 60" rectangle tables that are age and size-appropriate for our students. The table legs are adjustable for greater flexibility.  
        Rainbow Accents® KYDZ Gray Top Activity Tables | Becker's (shopbecker.com) Item # 6408JCE003
      4. Additional giving options are highlighted below for the 2024-25 school year. A PayPal drop-down menu is provided at the bottom of the page for online payment. A check made payable to Nazareth Elementary may also be sent to: Nazareth Elementary, Attn. Development Office. 311 Flower City Park. Rochester, NY 14615. We truly thank you for your consideration! 
  • Sponsor a student to participate in Lego League 

    • A gift of $65 provides one student from grades 4 to 6 the ability to participate on the 2024-25 Lego League Team
    • Donating this amount covers the student fee, and provides a team t-shirt and snacks for the student on meeting days.  

    Re-Registration Fee

    • A gift of $150 pays the Re-Registration Fee for a student/family returning to Nazareth Elementary.
    • Covering this fee and allowing a parent to complete the (re)registration process provides tremendous peace of mind for families and enables Nazareth to plan accordingly.  
    Sr Damien and student

    One Month Tuition: Kindergarten through Grade 6

    • A gift of $600 provides tuition for one month of education at Nazareth Elementary. Tuition is $6000 per year for Kindergarten through Grade 6.
    • 90% of our families receive financial assistance to make a Nazareth education possible for their child(ren). This amount would make a tremendous difference!

    One Month Tuition: Pre-K 3 and 4

    • A gift of $650 provides tuition for one month of full-day Pre-K education at Nazareth Elementary. Tuition is $6500 per year for Pre-K 3 and 4.  
    • Providing a full-day/5 day Pre-K program is essential for many working families. Instruction is based around themes. Hands-on learning, experimental activities, and imaginative play build a solid foundation for Kindergarten success. 
Notes/Message to Nazareth: