Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • The safety of our children is of utmost importance at all times. This includes arrival and dismissal. Please note the following to ensure the arrival and dismissal processes flow smoothly and safely.

    Arrival and Dismissal:    

    • Car Students — 7:45–8:15 a.m. is arrival time; dismissal begins at 2:45 p.m.

      • Arrival: 
        Please either pull forward in the car line in the parking lot to drop off your child/ren at the sidewalk where a staff member will be waiting OR park in the school lot and come to the front door where a staff member will be there to greet your child.

        Please DO NOT park in the car line if you bring your child in to school. Park in the school lot only.

        After 8:15 a.m. a late slip is needed from the Main Office. You must park in the school lot, buzz in at the front door, and come in to the office to sign in your child/ren.

      • Dismissal: 
        At dismissal time, teachers will be with the students on the sidewalk along the side of the school on the parking lot side. They will escort each one to your car. Stay in the car line and just slowly pull ahead where the teachers will be waiting with each child. Please be patient the first days of school until everyone adjusts to the timing and flow of traffic. The safety of each child is our top priority. Cars may arrive between 2:40 p.m. and 2:55 p.m. to help alleviate congestion and the traffic flow.

        All car students must be picked up in the car line, no exceptions.

        A student may be picked up before dismissal time only when necessary for an appointment. Please call the Main Office at 585.458.3786 to notify us of an early pickup time.

    • Bus Students — In the morning, buses drop off students on Flower City Park.
      A staff member will greet students as they arrive. A second staff member will be at the door to watch students come up the walk and let them in. A third staff member will check in each student as they enter the school. The safety of all is our top priority.

    Extended Care Program (arrival 7–7:45 a.m.): Come to the left side door by the parking lot. In the morning, you will be greeted by a staff member who will escort your child to the ECP room. In the afternoon, please park in a non-reserved space, come to the same door, and ring the buzzer. A staff member will verify your identity and buzz you in to the building. Proceed up the stairs to sign out your child/ren. 

    NOTE: If a child has not been picked up by 3 p.m., they will be sent to ECP (Extended Care Program) and you will be billed. We understand once in a while there is a traffic delay or one runs late from an appointment. Call us at 585.458.3786 if this happens so we can let your child know you are on your way.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation!