• SaveAround

    Our first fundraiser for the year has begun, and orders are due October 12, 2021. Please click here for details. To place your orders, locally or nationwide, go to: www/sapaynow.com/83687. Thank you for supporting this important fundraiser!

    All parents are welcome and encouraged to actively participate on the School Advisory Committee (SAC). This committee works in tandem with the principal to plan school-wide events and coordinate fundraising efforts. We are always looking for new members on SAC, and we welcome parent volunteers at family events, annual book fairs, Santa’s Secret Shop, and more.

    If you are interested in joining our School Advisory Committee or volunteering at one of our events, please contact the Main Office at 585.458.3786 for additional information. Thank you!

    SAC Members: 2021-2022


    • Kristina Adolph Maneiro


    • Michelle Daniels
    • Felicia Drysdale
    • Olivia Glover
    • Susan Griepsma
    • Deborah Hanmer
    • Janice LaBella
    • Vanessa Mangan
    • Heather Mooney
    • Sandra Roe
    • Victoria Stavrevsky
    • Belinda Tisdale
    • Katori Walker


    • Sr. Margaret Mancuso, SSJ, Principal


    School Advisory Committee