• Announcing Our Third Annual "Winner's Choice" Raffle!

    Winner's Choice Raffle

    Happy Spring Nazareth Families – our last fundraiser of the school year is here!

    • Tickets are $20 each.
    • Our goal is for each family to sell at least five tickets.
    • Complete an order form with purchasers' information, collect the money, and turn the order form in to the Main Office no later than Tuesday, April 30.
    • Tickets will be returned to you with a copy of your order form.
    • There is no limit to the number of tickets you can sell.
    • Click link below if you need an additional order form.
    • The family who sells the most tickets will receive two front-row seats at the Nazareth Spring Concert!
    • The winner may choose from one of three packages; click link below for package details.
  • SAC Members: 2018-2019


    • Kristina Adolph Maneiro


    • Cesar Cajar
    • Alexis Green
    • Susan Griepsma
    • Deborah Hanmer
    • Catherine Kipp
    • Janice LaBella
    • Vanessa Mangan
    • Heather Mooney
    • Sandra Roe
    • Scotesha Shaw
    • Victoria Stavrevsky
    • Katori Walker


    • Sr. Margaret Mancuso, Principal


    School Advisory Committee

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