Sisters of Saint Joseph

  • The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester is a Congregation of Roman Catholic religious women. Serving all without distinction is our mission. Our works are as varied as contemporary needs and as diverse as the God-given gifts of our members. We serve in twelve counties of the Diocese of Rochester, rural Alabama, and Brazil. Our ministries include education, healthcare, counseling, and social services.

    Nazareth was the first ministry the Sisters established in Rochester, and our commitment to providing quality Catholic education in the city remains strong today. Several Sisters of St. Joseph, one Sister of Mercy, and one Felician Sister currently work at Nazareth Elementary.

    Sisters of St. Joseph
    Celebrating our Sisters of St. Joseph and Mercy on St. Joseph's Day, 2022
    Back Row (L-R): Sr. Margaret, Sr. Marlene, Sr. Damian, Sr. Mary Anne, Sr. Anita, Sr. Alice
    Front Row (L-R): Sr. Dolores Ann (RSM), Sr. Connie

    Sister Mary Lisa  Sister Francella
    Sr. Mary Lisa                                                 Sr. Francella

    The Sisters of St. Joseph have contributed so many exceptional works to our community. Nazareth Elementary is just one of the many investments the SSJ has made in the Greater Rochester area. With humility and determination, these ladies have woven faith, learning, and love into the fabric of our city. We are grateful and appreciate their work.

    Faith, Service & Community – View this video for a look at some of the ministries founded by the SSJ as well as some of the places where our Sisters continue to minister.  

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