• Living Wax Museum by Nazareth Elementary

    Mrs. Olmo's Grade 6 Living Wax Museum is an event that we look forward to every year!

    The “living wax museum” is a collection of visual displays where students, dressed to represent the famous individuals of their choice, stand at attention, while visitors walk around and tour exhibit information illustrating the life of the person represented.  

    Students choose a person with historical significance to research and then ‘portray’ for our Living Wax Museum Exhibit. In selecting the person, students are guided to find a person who has made an impact and who has been successful in their goals and dreams. Focusing on a person who represents the “best” of people and the world is encouraged.

    This year's exhibit featured authors, activists, historical figures in the women's movement, signers, composers, a professional race car driver, an international soccer star, artists, and philanthropists. 

    Click this link to view this year's exhibit!