• Nazareth Elementary is honored to announce the
    ister Margaret Mancuso, SSJ
    Scholarship Fund 

    Nazareth Elementary School, a ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester, has been nurtured and strengthened under Sister Margaret’s leadership as school principal from 2010-2024. Sister Margaret served Nazareth students and families untiringly and expanded countless service and enrichment opportunities for their benefit. 


    In Sister Margaret’s honor, we recognize the way she used her unique God-given gifts by inaugurating this scholarship opportunity to support the promise of a Nazareth education through financial assistance for the upcoming school year.  


    Scholarship Criteria: the student who receives assistance through the Sister Margaret Mancuso Scholarship will:  

    • Embody the Spirit of Nazareth by bringing the light of Christ, sharing faith, showing a Christian attitude, and acting respectfully towards all. 

    • Act in a manner consistent with the values of Nazareth Elementary School by being steadfast in his/her attention to school, family, and community, always being respectful, kind, and making a positive difference. This student will lead by example and always be willing to help.   

    • Demonstrate Best Effort by consistently working hard in all he/she does, unfailingly making a conscious effort to pay attention, participate, embrace new experiences, and be open to growth and success.    

    • Use God-given Gifts and Talents to make our school and community kinder, peace-filled, and safe.  

    Award Details: 

    • The Sister Margaret Mancuso, SSJ Scholarship will provide financial support for the upcoming school year at Nazareth Elementary. 

    To Donate: 

    • Choose the Paypal online payment option below -or- send a check payable to: 

    Nazareth Elementary 
    Attn: Sister Margaret Mancuso, SSJ Scholarship Fund 
    311 Flower City Park 
    Rochester, NY 14615 

    Questions? Contact Amy Rist, Development and Marketing Coordinator, by phone: 585-458-3786 x. 3213 or email: arist@nazarethschools.org 

Sr. Margaret Mancuso, SSJ Scholarship Fund