• Our school and students thrive through the generosity of others. We are grateful for the continued kindness of our donors, supporters, and our community!  

      1. Our teachers and staff have requested items to help their respective classrooms and/or student interactions for greater success. Please visit our Amazon Wish List to have items delivered directly to our school's main office. https://a.co/gcl8HM6.

      2. Ongoing teacher request/need: copy paper (any brand, white, 8.5x11)

      3. Kindergarten request: (2) new tables for the classroom.
        Teacher note: "Our current tables are old and not functional; the tables are a hexagon design. The chairs don't fit under nor do papers or books on top. Rails were glued on top of the tables in 2020 to add plexiglass for student safety during COVID. The plexiglass has been removed, but the remaining rails make the tables difficult to use." 

        We would like to replace the current tables with (2) 30" x 60" rectangle tables that are age and size-appropriate for our students. The table legs are adjustable for greater flexibility.  
        Rainbow Accents® KYDZ Gray Top Activity Tables | Becker's (shopbecker.com) Item # 6408JCE003
  • Re-Registration Fee

    • A gift of $150 pays the Re-Registration Fee for a student/family returning to Nazareth Elementary.
    • Covering this fee and allowing a parent to complete the re-registration process early in the spring will ease their minds and help us plan for the new school year.
    • Having registrations in place early helps us to plan for a successful upcoming school year. 
    international day of peace

    One Month Tuition

    • A gift of $590 provides tuition for one month of education at Nazareth Elementary.
    Sr Damien and student

    Healthy Snacks for Preschool and Extended Care

    • A gift of $125 provides one week of snacks for our Preschool and Extended Care Programs.
    Kindergarten Classroom