• Library and Technology Classes, 2021-2022 School Year

    Dear Families, 

    Here is some information about what your child can expect to see in Library and Technology classes this year.


    • Library classes will take place in student classrooms.
    • Students will have time to check out books and keep books for one week.
    • Students will learn to use our online book cataloging to search for books and put ones of interest on hold.
    • In class, students will learn to be responsible, effective, and ethical information-seekers and, hopefully, book-lovers too!


    • Technology classes take place in the Tech Lab.
    • All students have time to practice typing in class.
    • Technology lessons will include digital citizenship, use of Google applications (such as Slides and Classroom), animation applications, and staying safe online.


    If you have a question regarding what your child is learning in Library or Technology, please reach out to me at kreber@nazarethschools.org. 

    Thank you for supporting your child's learning!

    Karensa Reber
    Library Media Specialist and Technology Teacher